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Things to do

  • Oku-Shimanto

    • Shikoku Karst

      The Shikoku Karst straddling the border with Ehime Prefecture is a plateau with an altitude of about 1400m that makes you feel close to the sky.
      You can see white limestone and bowl-shaped depressions, which are counted as one of the Japan's Three Great Karsts in Japan's Three Great Karsts.
      Under the eyes, magnificent scenery spreads in a panoramic view, and Cape Ashizuri Cape Muroto and Cape Ashizuri can be seen far away.
      Summer is green grassland, sometimes grazing landscape, autumn spreading all over Susuki prairie, winter is snowy landscape full of highlights every season.Also recommend driving in the sky that runs the ridge.
    • Chinka bridge (low-water bridge)

      Oku-Shimanto Shimanto River and Shinjo River Shimanto River flowing through the Oku-Shimanto.
      Shimanto River is 196 km long and has the second largest basin area in Shikoku.
      The river fosters rich nature and you can see various beautiful sceneries every season throughout the year.
      In addition, the historical and cultural heritages are still inherited in villages and towns of the watershed.
      The highlight is the plentiful Chinka bridge (low-water bridge).
      The scenery of the Shimanto River that weaves nature and life has been selected as the “Important cultural landscape” of the country.
    • Nakatosa Town of bonito

      Speaking of Kochi's fish bonito.Seasonal season is spring 'initial bunch' and autumn 'return bonito'.Spring is a delicious taste and the first impression of luck.In the autumn, greasy greens, it is recommended that straw-grilled Tataki with outstanding flavor.When eating at the seaside old fisherman's town, it is more delicious.Spring is from late March to mid May, and autumn is around September to November.
    • Shimanto River canoe experience

      Shimanto River is a popular spot for canoeing.
      Experience the nature of the Shimanto River while paddling along the river and listening to the sounds of water, wind, and birds. The scenery of the Shimanto River seen from the river surface is also exceptional. Oku-Shimanto, you can accept at the Furusato Koryu Center in Shimanto Town. Beginners can also enjoy it with confidence.

      Shimanto River·Kawa-asobi Park Furusato Koryu Center
      671-2 Showa, Shimanto Town
      Tel 0880-28-5758
      Business / 8: 30 ~ 17: 00, Closed / March to October, No rest, November to February, Tuesday

      ◎ Canoe fee
      One person boat(Within 3 hours·With insurance fee)¥ 2,660
      Two person boat(Within 3 hours·With insurance fee)3,160 yen
  • 1 night 2 days course, Shikoku Karst and town tour on the clouds

    • Kochi City (About 1 hour 30 minutes)

      First day, Walking around the Shimanto River source

      The mysterious Shimanto River source point where the entire forest is covered with greenery, and the rocks at your feet are covered with moss. When you stand at this place, I am satisfied with "the last clear stream in Japan".I am deeply impressed if I think that the trip of 196 km Taiga will start from here.
    • About 15 minutes from the Shimanto River source point walk

      First day, Seiran no Sato

      It is managed by local residents and welcomes meals cooked with local ingredients abundantly.There are also experience menus that you can enjoy nature such as walking to the root point or playing the river.
    • About 15 minutes from Seiran no Sato

      First day, Star of the sky

      There are various sweets using high-quality Tsuno Town tea grown in nature, such as “Manten-no-Hoshi Daifuku”, roll cakes and cookies.
      Please use the eat-in corner where you can enjoy products and tea / coffee purchased while looking at the Shimanto River that flows beside.
    • Approximately 15 minutes from full star

      First day, Torataro Yoshimura residence

      A pioneer of the Meiji Restoration, the birthplace of Torataro Yoshimura, one of the four masters of Tosa who organized the Tenchugumi and burned their lives in the debate. Please also use the seasonal ingredients for lunch (reservation required) and snacks.
    • About 30 minutes from Torataro Yoshimura residence

      First day, Shikoku Karst Tengu Plateau

      This green plateau "Shikoku Karst" is located in the source area of the last clear stream Shimanto River in Japan. It was designated as a prefectural natural park in Tosa Akage Beef, and Tosa Akage Beef are grazed from spring to autumn. It is one of the premier sightseeing spots in the prefecture.
    • About 5 minutes from Shikoku Karst Tengu Plateau

      First day, TENGUSOU

      TENGUSOU stands as if you are surrounded by the highest peak of Shikoku Karst, Tengu Forest (1485m above sea level). There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the sky full of stars that wraps the whole body if it comes to night!
    • About 40 minutes from TENGUSOU

      On the second day, paper-making experience Minshuku Kamikoya

      Takumi Dutch Japanese paper craftsmen Rogier management to Farm of Tosa My wife's food is also exceptional.Why do not you experience the paper making while hoping for a huge Karst behind you?
    • About 40 minutes from Kamikoya, a paper-making experience

      Day 2, the town with clouds above the clouds

      Yusuhara Town with a long Yusuhara Town forestry, and there are many buildings that value the goodness of wood. Four of them were designed by architect Kengo Kuma. You can also enjoy local gourmet and souvenir shopping while visiting a wonderful building that feels warmth of the tree.
  • 1 night 2 days course, visiting the village of Shimanto River

    • Kochi City (About 1 hour 30 minutes)

      Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto

      Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto is a museum located in the mountains of Shimanto Town. In the facility where the abolition school was rebuilt, the collection of Kaiyodo and the masterpieces such as history are on display.
    • Kaiyodo Kappa Kan

      Turn right on the mountain road about 1km before Kaiyodo Hobby Museum and you will arrive at Kaiyodo Kappa Kan. A museum where more than 1,300 kappas welcome you, you can enjoy the unexpected view of the world of kappa.
    • About 15 minutes from Kaiyodo Kappa Kan

      Road Station Shimanto Taisho

      A push menu of the roadside station "Shimanto Taisho". To eat eels and taka in the rice that you put in the hot stone vessel.Ju! I will spill the soup., Please try once.
    • About 15 minutes from Road Station Shimanto Taisho

      Shimanto River and the Chinka bridge (low-water bridge)

      Japan's last clear stream Shimanto River. There is no railing so that the Chinka bridge (low-water bridge) over the Shimanto River will not be washed away even if the water increases. It is a so-called diving bridge.In the summer you can see the children who jump in from the top of the bridge and the bridge still used as a way of life still remains.
    • About 5 minutes from Shimanto River and the Chinka bridge (low-water bridge)

      Furusato Koryu Center

      Shimanto River is a popular spot for canoeing. Experience the nature of the Shimanto River while paddling along the river and listening to the sounds of water, wind, and birds. The scenery of the Shimanto River seen from the river surface is also exceptional. You can register at the Furusato Koryu Center in Shimanto. Beginners can also enjoy it with confidence.
    • About 1 hour and 20 minutes from the Furusato Koryu Center

      Sodayama Onsen “YAWARAGI”

      A famous hot spring that Kobo Daishi told us as medicinal water long ago. It is said to be "Millennial Misu", the hot water in Shikoku and the quality of spring quality are popular.Alkaline hydrogen sulfide spring with plenty of mineral ions, moist and moist and moist and smooth!
    • About 20 minutes from Sodayama Onsen “YAWARAGI”

      Second day, Susaki's retro town

      Walking around the Susaki City is to find the popular character “Shinjo-kun” in Susaki City, “Let's be happy to find Shinjo-kun!”, And enjoy the famous Susaki specialties such as dried fish and chirimen. There are 2 course : “Let ’s eat delicious foods in town!”
    • Nabeyaki Ramen

      Born in Susaki City, Susaki ’s food culture “Nabeyaki Ramen” has been protected and loved for nearly 50 years. Currently, about 35 shops offer Nabeyaki Ramen.
    • Looking for souvenirs at Susaki

      There are many fun souvenirs in Susaki, such as the “Shinjo-kun” kun goods, which won the first place in the Yuru Chara Grand Prix!