【Official】Sodayama Onsen Wa Yawaragi

Million Years of Millennium, Sozayama Sodayama Onsen.

It is a beautiful famous hot spring nurtured in an eternal history.In the tranquility embraced by the lush green mountain of Mount Kuwada that originated from Kobo Daishi in the distant past of peace, please enjoy the relaxation that gently fills your mind and body.


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Sodayama Onsen Wa Yawaragi


1112 Sodayamaotsu, Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture

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About 5 minutes by car from Aoku station

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From Augawa station
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Kochi Broadcast Tosa's old Tosa story, the legend of Sodayama Onsen was broadcast.

The passion of Sodayama Onsen

  • Heart, the kindness of relaxing hot water.

    The water of mineral ion which gushes out at the foot of magnificent Kuwata mountain boasts the only hot water in Shikoku and excellent quality of spring.
    There are various ways to enjoy, such as carefully selected sushi no yu, as well as an outdoor bath, a Tubu Bath, and a relaxing and relaxing inner bath.As a famous hot spring that fosters health and beautiful skin, the gentleness of soothing pure water enthralls many customers inside and outside the prefecture.
  • Taste of the season to fill your heart.

    From winter to the famous whale (wild boar) hotpot, spring in wild vegetables, and fresh seafood in Susaki Port, famous as fish dish, the rich seasonal taste fills the hearts of visitors with relaxation of hot water.
  • The enjoyment of a lodging tasting relaxedly.

    Staying in tune with the style of the trip, such as quiet apartment accommodation and Japanese style room with unpretentious atmosphere.It's family, friends, Millennial beauty that can be enjoyed easily by everyone It is soo Sodayama Onsen"Sodayama Onsen".

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