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1122 Sodayamaotsu, Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture

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About 5 minutes by car from Aso Station

There is a pick-up service(Reservations are required in advance)
Aso Station
  • When using a car

    Kochi Highway Susaki East IC ~ Kochi Highway Susaki East IC ~ Approximately 6 minutes from Kochi Highway Susaki East IC


    Susaki Higashi IC
    Matsuyama IC... 2 hours 30 minutes
    Tokushima IC... 2 hours 30 minutes
    Takamatsu-Nishi IC... 2 hours 15 minutes

    Susaki Higashi IC (in case of car)
    JR Aso Station …… 5 minutes
    JR Susaki Station... 15 minutes
    Road Station Susaki... 15 minutes

    Free parking available, 30 units
      Medium size bus, Two
  • Points to note when visiting the museum

    Proceed from the Susaki Higashi Interchange exit on the expressway, pass the JA gas station, and turn right towards the blue sign for Aso Station.Immediately turn left and you will find a road under the 494 Bypass.

    If you are coming to our hotel, please come from this road.
    Please be careful as it is easy to get lost.

    If in doubt, please return or contact the hotel.
  • Points to note when visiting from a JA gas station

    Enter the direction of Sagawa from the JA gas station and turn right toward Aso Station so as not to go up the bypass.
    Immediately turn left and there is a road under the bypass, so please go through the road below.
  • Turn right towards Aso Station and then immediately turn left.

    After turning right toward Aso Station, there is a sign for Sodayama Onsen, so please turn left and follow the road under the bypass to our hotel.